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Why we choke

Pachyderms never choke. If they did, you’d need a Skycrane helicopter, high grade nylon straps, then permits galore from the county to fly an animal over 10,000 pounds near population centers before you could even get in position to try a Heimlich maneuver. Natural selection stepped in and the all-grass-gulpers died off decades before Neil Armstrong took his one giant leap. Today rhinos are among the daintiest of herbivores Humans choke for two reasons Bacon and Biscuits smell so good the m...
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Pickleballs... Why some are better

In Mike Nichols classic film 'The Graduate' Mr McGuire tells Ben Braddock the future is all about Plastics.  In the last 50 years Dustin Hoffman has aged and Walter Brooke (Mr McGuire) has died… but his wisdom lives on. Plastic is the crux of a pickleball.  Which plastic is used and how it is formed will determine whether your $3.00 a ball was well spent.  There are bazillions of types of plastics.  They can do anything, Mr McGuire was right. Organic polymers for dummies. AKA: Plastics You ...
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Why are Tennis and Racquetball players good at Pickleball?

  Why are Tennis and Racquetball players good at Pickleball?  The simple answer is transfer of learning.  A more complex answer will include the theory of inherited physical abilities.  For now, let’s consider the concept of transfer of learning.  Defined, it is the gain or loss of one’s proficiency to perform a task based on previous practice or experience.  How many times have we heard, “Softball has really messed up my golf swing” or “Racquetball has destroyed my Tennis game”?  On the oth...
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Why we dink in Pickleball

                 What is Dinking and why do Pickleballers do it? The act of dinking is hitting the Pickleball while generally being as close to the kitchen line as possible, while trying to position the ball just over the net and land in your opponent’s kitchen. The number of dinks per game or per match correlates with the skill level of the players involved. If you watch a match at a 3.0 or 3.5 level, you rarely see the players dink. Once you move up to about a 4.0 level, the number of avera...
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