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The Paddletek Pure Pickleball P7
Pickleball Paddle
Consistent. Durable. Pure.
Two Names. Same Ball.

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Paddletek. Our goal is to bring you the best ball on the market. You may see this ball referred to as the P7, or the Paddletek Pure Pickleball P7. Don't let that confuse you, it's the same great ball.

Pure Precision
P7 Pickleball
Engineered for
perfect symmetry.
The P7 Outdoor Pickleball has been designed down to the last micron, each hole strategically placed to give perfect symmetry and form. Sorry, no more blaming the ball.
Pure Visibility
Vibrant Neon.
The better you can see the ball, the better chance you have of hitting it, which is why we make our ball with one of the easiest colors to see: fluorescent yellow.
Pickleball Player
Pure Performance
Pure Genius
Never goes out of
round. Ever.
We set out to make a pickleball that plays true from the first hit to the last, never going out of round. We won't bore you with the scientific details, but we nailed it.